College Graduation. A Time For Optimism.

I recently attended my daughter’s college graduation ceremony and can say, if you are ever feeling down and blue about the future, swing by a college commencement ceremony.  The graduates’ accomplishments and speeches are so uplifting, they will surely recalibrate your optimism. And why shouldn’t they be optimistic.  For them, the consequences of failure are  Read more ➝

Just a simple garage–maybe not!

Today Google celebrated it’s 15 year anniversary at the garage where founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin started the company.  Turns out they were not the only silicon valley companies to start in a garage.  Hewlett Packard started the trend and Apple got it’s start there as well. Maybe its time to move out the  Read more ➝


Over the last few months we have purchased Tesla (symbol TSLA) for a handful of clients.  Given the fact that it is a start up company, competing with some very big players (GM, Ford, BMW, Toyota etc…), based on relatively new technology and run by a CEO who has never been in the car business, it is not  Read more ➝

“I Have A Dream”

As someone who was born in 1961, I was too young to understand Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream Speech”.  Since that time however, I have come to understand the Civil Rights Movement of the early 1960’s and the positive impact it has had on so many people, not the least of which is our current President of  Read more ➝

Beyond 7 Billion

For much mankind’s history, the world population has remained relatively stable, but with advances in agriculture and medicine our world’s population has begun to grow at alarming rates, never before seen.  Worse still, it appears that population growth will occur in areas of the world with the least ability to deal with it. Where the growth is coming  Read more ➝

Labor of Love-1946 Ford Woodie

One of our long time clients recently took me for a ride in her pride and joy, a 1946 Ford Woodie.  Riding in this car is like taking a time machine back to the past, when bigger was better and materials like steel were in short supply because of the war effort.  To compensate,  manufacturers used  Read more ➝