• Aug 15 2023
    Thinking of a Staycation?

    Thinking of staying home for vacation? Vacation could just be a state of mind…and a staycation much more affordable. Here are 7 tips to a low-cost, work-free staycation…click here to read. If you are looking for more insights on how to save money, contact us for a complimentary financial checkup.

  • Jul 31 2023
    What happened to the promised recession?

    Real gross domestic product grew at an annualized rate of 2.4% in Q2, unemployment stands at 3.6% nationally, and wages are now growing quicker than inflation. Yes, the interest rates were just raised by a quarter point on July 26th and are projected to raise again in the foreseeable future, however, the state of the  Read more ➝

  • Aug 21 2020
    Consumers prove resilient despite virus

    The American consumer is proving more resilient than predicted according to the Los Angles Times.  “Its a shift away from vacations.  Its a shift away from dining out.  Its a shift away from apparel purchases.  Its those dollars that you may have invested in those things that now you’re spending on your home and in  Read more ➝

  • Jul 6 2020
    The global economy took the elevator down, it may take the stairs back up.

    The economy took the elevator down, but may take the stairs back up.  At least that’s the opiniion of Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond President Thomas Barkin.  With more than 90% of global economies set to experience a recession in 2020, it’s easy to see why he feels this way.  Add to that an IMF  Read more ➝

  • Jun 10 2019
    U.S Hiring Slows

    On Friday the Labor Department reported that the U.S. economy added 75,000 Jobs in May, one of the weakest monthly increases since the recession ended in mid-2009. As reported by the Wall Street Journal, “The employment figures add to other data depicting an economy that is still growing, but is losing momentum after the first  Read more ➝

  • May 7 2019
    Home prices fall in Southern California for the first time in 7 years.

    The Los Angeles Times recently reported a decline in Southern California home prices for the first time in 7 years.  This taken together with a significant drop off in the number of homes sold and a drop in national home prices, as reported by the United States Census Bureau, suggests we may be seeing a  Read more ➝

  • Jun 16 2017
    Janet Yellen and the Case of the Missing Inflation

    Low unemployment and rising wages usually leads to higher inflation, but so far inflation has remained relatively low.  Click HERE to read a New York Times article on what might be causing this and how the Federal Reserve is reacting.

  • Jun 5 2017
    Economic Conditions and Earnings Matter More Than Politics

    With the intense focus on every word coming out of Washington DC, its hard to know what to focus on.  In Nuveen’s Weekly Investment Commentary, they suggest Economic Conditions and Earnings Matter More Than Politics–a point of view worthy of consideration. To view Nuveen’s entire article, please click HERE.

  • Aug 22 2015
    What To Do After Drop in Equity Markets

    This week we saw a significant drop in the U.S. and Global equity markets.  To those of you that I have spoken to recently, this should come as no surprise.  Earnings for U.S. companies have been declining, quarter over quarter for more than a year and in spite of this, stock prices had been increasing,  Read more ➝

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