• Mar 19 2015
    7 Reasons Oil Prices Will Continue to Tumble

    As reported by Oxford World Financial Digest: Fortune magazine has run an engaging and enlightening article, written by market analysts, which argues that there are seven signs why oil prices will continue to drop. The first reason is that the world is flooded with oil. US production is near a thirty-two year high at near  Read more ➝

  • Mar 4 2015
    Netanyahu’s Speech Before Congress

    Regardless of your political stripes, this is a speech is worth watching.  It lays out the current state of affairs in the the Middle East in all its complexity and describes the risk of not getting the policies right in the region. As much as many of us in the US would like to divorce  Read more ➝

  • Feb 23 2015
    The American Economy Is On A Roll

    America’s economy is on a roll.  Don’t believe me, take a moment to read the Roar Eagle Roar issue of Bloomberg, including the article, America The Relatively Beautiful  CLICK HERE. Among other things the article states, “The U.S. economy has generated jobs at a pace of a quarter million per month over the past year”,  Read more ➝

  • Feb 23 2015
    Fed Considers Rate Hike, Minutes Show

    Minutes from the most recent Federal Reserve Open Market committee meeting indicate that  policymakers are optimistic about the economy but are concerned about a premature departure from their accommodative  monetary out of fear that doing so might stifle the economy’s current growth trajectory.  With regard to monetary policy their minutes state, “In their discussion of  Read more ➝

  • Feb 7 2015
    Strong jobs report shows wage growth

    Today, the Los Angels Times reported that “Employers added 257,000 net new jobs in January as hourly earnings increased’.  I expect that this information, along with low energy prices, rising housing prices and extremely low interest rates will likely be the catalyst for the Federal Reserve’s Board of Governors to begin raising the discount rate  Read more ➝

  • Jan 29 2015
    ECB Stimulus exceeds forecasts

    The European Central Bank announced a monetary stimulus package that exceeded most economist’ expectations and may be just what the doctor ordered to bring life back to the European Union’s economy.  The Los Angeles Times reported (CLICK HERE to view article) that the ECB will enter into a bond buying program through September of 2016  Read more ➝

  • Jan 16 2015
    Deflation Fears Likely Overdone

    In the January 11, 2015 issue of the Los Angeles Times, Tom Petruno examines Wall Street’s latest “Worry Du Jour”, Deflation and provides ample evidence that deflationary fears are likely overdone. Although it is true that energy prices have recently fallen dramatically, healthcare and food costs have not followed.  Also, lower energy prices are usually  Read more ➝

  • Jan 9 2015
    This Era of Low-Cost Oil Is Different

    In a recent LinkedIn post, Mohamaed El-Erian, Chair, Investment Advisory Committee at Microsoft, makes the case for lower oil prices for some time to come–the political and economic consequences of which could be dramatic.  CLICK HERE to view his post.

  • Dec 16 2014
    Falling Oil Prices Are A Good Thing. Right?

    As the price of Oil continues its decline, the equity markets continue to grapple with the effect that this will have on corporate earnings for the broad markets.  As a recent Bloomberg article (CLICK HERE) points out the answer is not clear.  Although consumers and manufactures will definitely benefit from lower prices, energy companies will  Read more ➝

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