Investment Management

At Sagent Wealth Management, we have the experience to evaluate your investments and provide you advice on their merits. As a Fiduciary, we also have a responsibility to do this in a way that puts your best interests first.

So, whether it is a Taxable Investment Account, a 401(k) — with a current or former employer, an IRA, or most any other Investment account, our Investment Advisors can help you to select investments that could help you achieve your long-term financial goals in a manner designed to complement your tolerance for risk.

The process begins with a Sagent|Financial Checkup, a complimentary report that provides a comprehensive analysis of your investments and your overall financial health along with a plan designed to help you achieve your long-term financial goals. Contact Us today to discuss preparing one for you.

Complimentary Financial Checkups are provided to investors with investment portfolios of $250,000 or more (Includes cash, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, 401(k)’s and other retirement Accounts)