Consumers prove resilient despite virus

The American consumer is proving more resilient than predicted according to the Los Angles Times.  “Its a shift away from vacations.  Its a shift away from dining out.  Its a shift away from apparel purchases.  Its those dollars that you may have invested in those things that now you’re spending on your home and in  Read more ➝

U.S Hiring Slows

On Friday the Labor Department reported that the U.S. economy added 75,000 Jobs in May, one of the weakest monthly increases since the recession ended in mid-2009. As reported by the Wall Street Journal, “The employment figures add to other data depicting an economy that is still growing, but is losing momentum after the first  Read more ➝

What To Do After Drop in Equity Markets

This week we saw a significant drop in the U.S. and Global equity markets.  To those of you that I have spoken to recently, this should come as no surprise.  Earnings for U.S. companies have been declining, quarter over quarter for more than a year and in spite of this, stock prices had been increasing,  Read more ➝

Is Angela Merkel Europe’s Economic Bully?

As all eyes are focused on Greece and how they will resolve their debt crisis, attention is rightly turning to Germany, Europe’s economic heart and the driving force behind a push for greater Greek austerity, even in the face of 25% unemployment and clear stagflation.  This July 9th article from Bloomberg Businessweek points out that  Read more ➝

How the Feds Influence Interest Rates; Explained

Anyone watching the evening news has likely heard about the pending increase in interest rates by the Federal Reserve bank.  But what exactly are they doing.  This article from the Los Angeles Times does a great job explaining the tools at the Federal Reserve’s disposal and how they influences broader interest rate environment.  To view  Read more ➝