May Newsletter-Has the low-hanging fruit been picked?

Each year I attend the annual conference of the Investment Management Consultants Association (IMCA), a group made up of some the brightest Investment professionals in the country.  Collectively, IMCA members advise a broad cross section of investors, from the largest pension plans and ultra-high net worth individuals to Millennials and Gen X’rs who are just  Read more ➝

Case-Shiller: Home prices continue steady march upward

This week the Los Angeles Times reported that home prices continue to rise here in Southern California and elsewhere in the Nation. Denver and San Francisco lead the pack with 10% and 9.8% year-over-year growth rates. The LA metro area came in at 5.8%. This bodes well for the overall US Economy since housing prices  Read more ➝

Falling Oil Prices Are A Good Thing. Right?

As the price of Oil continues its decline, the equity markets continue to grapple with the effect that this will have on corporate earnings for the broad markets.  As a recent Bloomberg article (CLICK HERE) points out the answer is not clear.  Although consumers and manufactures will definitely benefit from lower prices, energy companies will  Read more ➝

Stocks tumble with drop in oil

U.S. Stock markets dropped significantly on Friday as investors tried to assess what effect dropping oil prices and slow growth in Europe will have on the economy and if now is the right time to take profits for what is turning out to be a fairly strong fourth quarter.  Although lower oil prices will certainly  Read more ➝

Promising jobs report suggests Americans’ earnings are rising again

Today’s online edition of the Los Angeles Times reported significant US job growth for the month of November, exceeding analyst expectations by over 100,000 jobs.  In addition to strong job growth, the article also reported an increase in earnings–a welcome sign for many who have not seen wage growth for quite some time.  For a  Read more ➝

Mortgage rates fall to 9-week low

This week the Los Angeles Times reported that mortgage rates fell to a 9-week low. This may come as good news to those who have not taken advantage of these historically low rates.  It also bodes well for new and resale housing–both key drivers of the economy.  To read the entire article CLICK HERE.  

As Finances Mend, Will Consumers Spend?

The Fed recently released first quarter data on household finances.  Stronger balance sheets reflect improved real estate prices, rising stock prices, and continued higher rates of household saving.  Household finances still lack the strength they exhibited in the early 1990s, but they have improved enough to offer a firm basis for future consumer spending and,  Read more ➝

The Talk You Didn’t Have With Your Parents Could Cost You

If you haven’t had a conversation with your parents about handling their financial affairs after they die, this article is required reading.  Finances tend to be one of the trickiest topics because people do have traditional ideas about what you should and shouldn’t talk about.  Before you broach the topic, adult children should think about  Read more ➝