Balboa Island vacationers still happy

Balboa Island FerryI enjoyed reading today’s Los Angeles Times article about Balboa Island.  As a child, my family often spent our summer vacations on the Island.  When we arrived at Balboa Island from our home in Phoenix Arizona we thought we were in Shangri La!  I never could understand why we had to go home.  I can still remember walking barefoot on the boardwalk, grabbing a corn dog and riding the ferry across the bay to the Fun Zone.  Back then, the Fun Zone had a large covered oval bumper car track.  My sisters, cousins and me would spend hours driving around that track crashing into one another.  When we were done, our tennis shoes would be black from the oil left on the track.  To this day, I still enjoy taking my family down to the island, grabbing a cup of coffee and a cinnamon roll and riding the ferry.  As the article correctly points out, “People come over the bridge and all of a sudden all their anxiety is gone.”  Click the photo above to read the entire Los Angeles Times article.

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