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Home price gains disappear

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

The Los Angeles Times reported yesterday that previous gains that occurred since the market bottomed in the Spring of 2009 have vanished.  As most individuals largest asset and a big contributor to economic growth, this information suggest housing will continue to be a drag on our recovering US economy.  To view the entire article on the Los Angels Times website, simply click on the photo to the left.


Friday, April 8th, 2011

Many of our clients are invested in bond mutual funds managed by PIMCO out of Newport Beach, CA.  Bill Gross, their Managing Director and noted Bond Guru recently takled our national debt crisis in his April 2011 Investment Outlook.  In this article he talks about the need for our politicians to tackle this issue head on and as soon as possible.  He also cites the Bloomberg Businessweek article by Mary Meeker (see article below posted March 7th,  2011).  As one of the most urgent problems facing our country, I encourage you to view this article for some additional perspective on this topic.  To be directed to the PIMCO website, simply click the photo to the right.

The Great American Ponzi Scheme

Friday, April 8th, 2011

This week I have been enjoying a little down time with family and friends during spring break.  In between skiing, eating and laughing I have had the opportunity to do a little reading.  One of the articles that caught my attention is this one from the April 4-April 10, 2011 issue of Bloomberg Businessweek on the state of our public pension system.  This subject has been in the news lately as States and Cities struggle to balance their budgets.  This article does a good job of laying out the problem, describing how we got here and then providing some solutions for fixing the problem.  To view the entire article, click the photo to the left to be directed to the Bloomberg Businessweek website.