The Great Recession: An ‘Affair’ to Remember

The business cycles doesn’t seem to care who is president.  With the tightening of the Presidential race in recent weeks many are concerned with the speed, or lack thereof, of  the U.S. economic recovery.  Although the recession technically ended in June 2009, the climb out is happening all to slowly.

This article discusses how little power current and past presidents have had in affecting their inherited economic circumstances.  The White House, Congress and the Federal Reserve all have a hand in creating and implementing complimentary policies necessary to bring the U.S. GDP out of its current recessionary gap.

“People think the president can make the grass grown and the skies turn to blue.  It’s simply out of their reach.” – William Howard Taft.  I encourage you to read this short article and look at where recent Presidents fall on the long term GDP trend line.  To view this article please CLICK HERE.


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