Grand budget deal eludes parties

For anyone who has studied our country’s debt crisis, it quickly becomes apparent that any real long term solution will require a combination of all of the following; 1. Increased revenues through tax increases or fundamental changes to our tax structure, 2. Fundamental changes to Medicare and 3. Significant defense spending cuts.  Unfortunately, these are the three biggest political hot potatoes and therefore something no politician wants to be associated with.  As a result, it appears that once again both political parties will choose to kick this can a bit further down the road in hopes that there might be some better time in the future to make these tough decisions.  Unfortunately, each time they do this, it exacerbates the problem a little bit more–something we cannot do much longer.  For a well balanced look at this political game is playing out, I encourage you to click the photo to the left and read the Los Angels Times article from the June 6th, 2011 edition.

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