Germany Loves Merkel

For those who have studied European history, you know that the region has had its fair share of turmoil and discord over the centuries.  This is why when the formation of the European Union was first being contemplated, the primary goal was not economic in nature but instead political.  Those leaders understood that if the states could be bound by a common currency and other economic considerations, the likelyhood of conflict between them would be greatly diminished. 

As the region has navigated its most recent crisis in confidence, nobody understood this more than Germanys leader Angela Merkel. 

Although many despise her, I believe history will view her as the leader that was most influential in holding together a young and fragil union. 

In the July 29th issue of Bloomberg Businessweek, Cameron Abadi gives us some insight into the challenges that Mrs. Merkel has faced and she negoiates the balance between her obligations to the European Union and to Germany.  To view the article please CLICK HERE.

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