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Betting Against the American Dream

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

Inside JobOn April 9th, 2010, the National Public Radio program This American Life aired a provocative radio program that traces the history of Magnetar, a hedge fund that came up with an elaborate plan to make money by sponsoring the creation of complicated and ultimately toxic securities…while at the same time betting against the very securities it helped create.  If you have an interest in learning more about what drove our financial system to brink of ruin, I strongly encourage you to listen to this very intersting radio broadcast. Click the photo at right to stream the April 9th, 2010 This American Life episode.

March exports jump at Los Angeles, Long Beach ports

Friday, April 16th, 2010

53321630The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, which together make up the Nation’s busiest shipping container complex, showed gains in cargo traffic for the fourth straight month in March. 

Please click the photo to the left to read the entire article from the April 16th, 2010 edition of the Los Angeles Times.

Fed doesn’t see inflation as an immediate threat

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

bernankeOn April 7th, 2010, the Los Angeles Times reported that the minutes of the most recent meeting of a central bank committee show that it doesn’t plan to raise short-term interest rates any time soon but suggests it could quickly change course.

Members such as Janet Yellen, the president of the San Francisco Fed who is being considered for the Fed’s vice chairman post, have said in separate remarks that high unemployment and excess capacity in the economy mean more downward pressures on wages and prices.

To view the entire article on the Los Angeles Times website simply click the photo above.