Reconciliation or Divorce? Before taking the path that leads to divorce, one should carefully evaluate the financial impact of divorce and be sure to try every possibility for saving your marriage. Divorce can be devastating and permanently life changing.

As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, CDFA™, we can help you look at the big picture and analyze the financial aspects of divorce before you make your decision.

During Divorce (Pre-Settlement)

Here are some of the services that we provide:

At the beginning of the divorce process:

  • Financial Education
  • Data Gathering and Organization (in support of the Financial Affidavit)
  • Budget Preparation
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Net Worth Statements
  • Asset Disclosure Statement (Financial Affidavit) Preparation

These efforts can allow your attorney to properly assess your situation and help them work towards an appropriate settlement.

As the process continues we can work closely with your attorney on:

  • Settlement Analysis – Net worth & Cash Flow

Working with your attorney, we can evaluate both the short and long-term financial effects of various settlement options with the objective of arriving at a fair and equitable settlement.

And, if necessary:

  • Expert Testimony (Deposition & Trial)

The courts recognize the CDFA™ as an expert on the financial matters of divorce. As an expert witness, we will be able to testify on your behalf, explaining to the judge the methodologies used in arriving at, or evaluating, the proposed settlement.

After Divorce (After Settlement)

Once your divorce is final and the assets have been divided, you may need a trusted financial advisor with experience, wisdom, and judgment to help you establish a solid financial plan and manage your financial settlement. At Sagent | Wealth Management, we are uniquely qualified to guide and advise you (financially) during the next chapter of your life.

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