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Shift in focus at Chinese trade talks

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

The focus of trade talks between China and the United States have taken a subtle turn.  For quite some time the conversation has been centered around the US contention that China’s currency is artificially low, making Chinese goods more competitive.  However, with the currency’s recent rise, relative to a basket of international currencies, this point has taken a back seat to other higher priority issues such as Chinese trade barriers, government support of Chinese businesses and demands by the Chinese government that companies must reveal their technological trade secrets as a price to gaining admission to Chinese markets.  Given the volume of trade betwen these two super powers, these conversations take on a very high level of importantance.  To learn more about this subject, CLICK HERE to visit today’s article on this subject in the Los Angeles Times.

Is Greece another Argentina?

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

As Greek politicians and European leaders work to find a solution to the Greek debt crisis, many would do well to remember some of the lessons that were learned in 2001 when Argentina defaulted on their debt.  In an online article posted in the Project Syndicate, PIMCO CEO Mohamed A. El-Erian draws some important similarities to the two crisis and offers some perspective on what happens when a country actually defaults.  To view the article, CLICK HERE.