What is a Financial Checkup?

It’s a risk-free way to find out exactly where you stand, while getting to know the expert team at Sagent Wealth Management

Sagent Wealth Management

How is your financial health?

  • Have you saved enough for retirement and education?
  • Are you in the right investments?
  • Have you adequately provided for your loved ones, should something happen to you?
  • Do you have an up to date Will, Living Trust and Health Care Directive?
  • Would you like a second opinion from a trusted Advisor?
  • Would a thorough, comprehensive analysis be helpful?

Discover where you are.

Your Financial Checkup provides a comprehensive analysis of your overall financial health. It’s presented one-on-one, online or in person, by one of our trusted Advisors.

Define where you want to be.

After completing your Financial Checkup, our Advisors can tailor personalized recommendations for you and provide you the guidance and tools to monitor your financial situation going forward.

Who should consider a Financial Checkup?

Are you considering a change? Is it time to re-evaluate your financial future? Are you concerned about the financial path you find yourself on? If so, then you might benefit greatly from a comprehensive Financial Checkup.

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Sagent Wealth Management offers Comprehensive Financial Checkups to investors with investment portfolios of $250,000 or more (Includes; cash, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, 401(k)’s, IRA’s and other retirement accounts).