Sagent Wealth Management utilizes a unique and innovative account aggregation tool that provides our clients up-to-date information on their entire financial picture, and gives us valuable insight so that we can better serve them.

SAAF (Secure Account Aggregation Facilitator) is a secure, web-based platform that organizes all of your financial information in one place, available to you at any time, day or night.

SAAF gives you access to all of your financial accounts, tax and legal documents, insurance, as well as special goals and strategic plans. In addition, powerful analysis tools track changes in your assets and in your life based on your:

  • Overall asset allocation.
  • Retirement and cash-flow models.
  • Insurance programs.
  • Financial and estate plans.

With SAAF, clients never have to wonder about their financial position. The information is at their fingertips and easily accessible.